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Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice
Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice ®Copyrighted 1999, a project for women, freedom and justice.   

Welcome to a Freedom Oriented Approach to Individual Rights.  
End authorized violence and coerced transfers of wealth

Here, we apply the principles of free markets and individual choice with the facts of biology and the real history to the issues of the continued failure to recognize the equal rights, control of property and their persons, to women.  This is especially ironic because a trans-humanist movement is now growing to recognize these rights for man-amplified iron-man suits for the disabled, artificial intelligence robots, genomically modified immortal humans, and sentient animals.  

Why not women?!  We will get to that, read on and sign up for our articles, which will appear when time allows.  When this effort began in 1999 several articles had already been written.  Those will appear on this site and be published elsewhere.  

  • We promote contracts for marriage, as negotiated and chosen by individuals.
  • Control of our persons.
  • An end to laws which transfer control of anyone's property without consent.  

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Mothering - Biology - Sex
Justice Under Practice and Law
End Asset Forfeiture - Salem, 1692
Freedom to Dream & Become
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Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights