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Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice
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Our Interactive TV Program
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Using interactive television and film you are about to experience the break through to equality, prosperity, peace in freedom.  Through a thorough study of history, with humor, and compassion humanity can find solutions to problems and realize - love.  

The Women's Institute is organizing MINDS MEET, to appear on Freedom Interactive TV Networks beginning this autumn.

Read Privateers' PAYE Financed Defense of Free-Market America, written by Brock d'Avignon BIO, and edited by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

d'Avignon has been named as an Adjunct Professor for the Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice.  In addition to traditional symposiums we are adding  and new form for education, MINDS MEET, an  Interactive TV program that will serve to challenge the status quo on human rights issues, including slavery, state control of resources, subsidies to corporations, and the rights of women and gender relations today.  Freedom Interactive TV Networks will provide edge technology allowing us to engage in dialogue, reach resolution, and innovate in real time for action.    
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