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Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice
About Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice

The Women's Institute was organizing to launch in 1999 after the publication of a booklet by founder Melinda Pillsbury-Foster urging Party Libertarians to reorganize for locally focused action and empowerment.  The experience was valuable because Melinda realized how deep the corruption in the Libertarian Party had been.  

The Great Experiment Revisited:  
Can the Libertarian Party create a visual demonstration of how liberty will work for Americans?  

Melinda decided to pursue research on the steps needed to enact a paradigm shift across all infrastructures of existing society.  During that process she realized no change could work in the long term if the unrecognized problem of existing psychopathic individuals was not addressed.  That work is now complete and ready for launch.  

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Melinda has a diverse background which includes work for the environment, individual rights, social justice, and transitions to sustainable technologies.  

Partner, EcoAlert 
• Presenting a clear & present danger of 80,000 death risk and 2.5-million lifelong injuries across Los Angeles by Hydrofloric Acid H2 F2 burning out residents’ eyes, nose, throat, and lungs when an earthquake, flare accident, scaffolding collapse, or aircraft ruptures unnecessarily oversize tanks; then wind carrying heavy acid vapor 15-miles from just one refinery or its similar antiquated neighbor in Wilmington, California.
• Working in concert with actuaries of re-insurance companies and labor unions to convert 50 American refineries who still have large 55,000-gallon and 15,000-gallon tanks of Hydrofloric Acid for alkenation with a 73-degree F boiling point (including additives) instead of Sulfuric Acid
alkenation with high boiling point of 560-degrees; converting to series of small tanks, or shut them down due to immense risk to persons and fiscal disaster while being only 10% of the fuel supply.
• Organizing local purchase of: Infra-red camera devices to determine where the residue is falling and test there; and handheld particulant monitors to parts per billion.
• Organizing community “bucket brigades” to test their own local areas instead of believing oil companies’ scrubbed data, vastly under-risk self-insurance firm, or mature life-cycle holding companies fronting for larger oil corporations to avoid moral and legal liability.

Partner, Executive Producer - Content
• Co-designing 8 participatory audience TV & digital networks to be ramped up via satellite distribution, plus 104 shows per for: ARTisTVision, Health Portal, Prosperity Channel, Missing
Childrens’ Detective Network, JuryVoter TV, PhoneVoter TV & Digital Networks,
High School & College TV & Digital News Networks, & Language-Specific TV Digital UHF-TV.
• Last presidential election cycle created debate & panelist formats for all alternative political parties’ presidential candidates, and their nominee Cabinet Officers to debate via satellite TV using PhoneVoter TV tallies & contribution phonetrees, audience feedback, moral & legal PhoneVotes.
• Webmaster launch of a TV show producers’ ideation website for FreedomTVnetworks.com emphasizing alternative solutions to topics ususally considered public policy & audience feedback.
• Proposal to CEO John Malone of LIBERTY MEDIA for a Champions’ Charity Racing League with PledgeVoter computer data centers, to improve his audience ratings with his purchase for $4.4B Formula One F1 Racing Circuit and its global satellite TV network featuring charity logo race-cars.

• Organized material for an educational website ACPillsburyFoundation.org dedicated to extending
the photographic & cinematographic legacy of my grandfather 1897-1946, and his global lectures.
• A.C. Pillsbury was an: early environmental visionary; panorama camera device inventor; and official photographer of Yosemite for two decades. He provided photos for John Muir’s environmentalist
book The Yosemite, and for his own books made the first aerial pictures of Yosemite, patented & built the first postcard printer publicizing a national park; and taught later famous photographers.
• Re-discovering his Pillsbury Pictures Inc. 1 st time-lapse nature cinematography; 1 st electric-tracking shot camera device; 1 st undersea motion picture cameras & movies; 1st X-ray motion picture; 1st microscopic motion pictures of bacteria; 1st dual view on one film of healthy & diseased tissue; 1 st anthropological photos, panoramas, & movies of the Yosemite Me-Wuk Indians, Alaskan
Goldrush & Inuits, and Samoans.
• Locating 100,000 stills of his life work, books, and 30 movies 1909- distributed by Universal and Paramount Pictures among others in theatres worldwide. One comprised 100,000 time-lapse
frames in a single 80-minute movie. His educational films featured 500 wildflowers of Yosemite’s 1,500 varieties, wildlife specimens, and medical topics for educational films with pioneering impact.

Executive Vice President, MacPHERSON INVESTMENT GROUP 2012-2014
• Researching Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Geo-Polymers, Energy Systems WRITING AND MEDIA ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Book Author, Publishing a 2 book set: Real Freedom, Revoking the License to Steal
Wrote & published A Star for Christmas revealing an unsuspected and fascinating side of James Dean, the actor who Melinda knew when she was a child, and views Jimmy as her earliest intellectual mentor and friend.
Wrote & published A Tour of Old Yosemite
Blog Author & Manager of 102 Blogs on a variety of topics 2005-
Webmaster of 72 websites on a wide variety of topics 2004-
Example: How the NeoCons Stole Freedom with hundreds of researched articles.

Regular Columnist Iconoclast, a little paper with guts to call Bush on the carpet in Crawford TX
Poet Author of a ~1,000 poems. Published commercially in magazines.
Product & Cause-Marketer of Solutions to put people in charge of their lives & local communities. America Goes Home supplies those solutions for freedom & prosperity.

Radio Host, hosts a weekly radio program BBSradio.com: The Spiritual Politician
Examines how government can be brought into alignment with the spiritual goal of decentralizing power and localizing control. 96 shows 2006-2008

The Jer Show, Off the Grids, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,
The Melinda Show, The Micro-Effect Radio 2008
Stand My Ground, The Micro-Effect, RMN RADIO 2008
Artist, Oil painting, pastels, sculpting

Partner, Webmaster, EcoAlert.us, LOCAL ACTION Apps, 2013-
DISASTER ALERT NEWS SERVICE Computer Modeling initiatives with Dave Lincoln, Petroleum & Environmental Engineer
Researcher, remediation of Superfund sites and brownfields, renewing & re-purposing land.

Mother of 4 living children, one deceased. She has served as a Brownie Leader, Cub Scout Pack organizer, through numerous youth groups, including the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. 
Athlete, Judo & Karate Club; my Sensai was Joe Louis’ sparring partner; fencing
Yoga Practitioner
Martha, Newsletter Editor, EASTERN STAR, Granada Hills CA 1987-1990
Enrolled 3 years SANTA MONICA COLLEGE, Santa Monica CA
Geology major, courses in Psychology & English
Studies included independent studies in Archeology, History and Art.
Field Expeditions to Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, & UK Traveler to Japan twice.

Gail Lightfoot  - As a high school student, Gail found politics and gov't profoundly interesting and recognized the importance of both in our everyday lives. It was perfectly natural for her to take an interest in elections beginning with casting her first vote while still a high school senior. 

Later, after completing a 3 year program for a diploma in nursing from the Los Angeles County Hospital School of Nursing, she joined the Young Americans for Freedom, the Young Republicans and the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Pasadena, CA. This would have a profound effect on her thinking later in life.

In 1964, Lightfoot was one of many young political activists who were very pleasantly surprised when Barry Goldwater won the Republican nomination for president. After all, Pasadena had always been a conservative - in its most elemental form, that is to say, unchanging and unwilling to change the status quo - Republican community. The young, political conservatives were definitely outside mainstream Republican thinking. 'How dare they go against us and our money?' was the prevailing sentiment. 

She spent 1964 in a solidly Republican community, Westfield New Jersey, where no household would accept a Goldwater brochure, a disillusioning experience.

Lightfoot left the Republican after the Goldwater campaign, never to return. She welcomed and joined the LP as a Charter Member in 1972 delighted to be in the first mailings of the new party advocating Individual Liberty.

Reading National Review, Lightfoot watched the ideas of free markets and individual rights be misapplied over the last forty-five years. She began to realize what is today called a Free Market is truly nothing of the kind. What we have today is a heavily regulated by gov't market that benefits some over others. 

This has created the system as it is today, allowing those with money and influence to manipulate the system of gov't rules and regulations to profit both inside, and outside, of government. Real competition is now a thing of the past. 

The principles of individual freedom were suborned and distorted by corporatism to misdirect what began as a grass-roots movement into a political tool for increased corporate control of the market. This has led to the a pervasive distrust of corporations manifested by numerous political groups and movements today.

Redefining words, such as took place with the word, “Conservative.” and the later adaptation of the word, Neoconservative has taken place rapidly. This misuse was augmented by the political philosophy and rationalizations justifying deceit and manipulation in the quest for power and money through the use of government.

These distortions fed into the creation of a public relations infrastructure which, today, continues to main stream these redefinitions of America's founding vision, as laid out in our vision statement, the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. 

These ideas and principles are the origin and basis for the movements for social justice in the Nineteenth Century, Conservatism, and Libertarianism. 

Through her candidacy Gail rejects the use of the Libertarian movement to advocate for corporate personhood and the use of government in ways which violate the original vision for America. She advocates for the return to America's original goals of individual rights, local control, and community.